Best Software for Monitoring Your Mac Computer

Best Software for Monitoring Your Mac Computer

Modern computer technology has introduced many different advanced methods of monitoring Mac computers, and the activities taking place on them. Whether it’s a home or an office computer to be monitored, there are several different ways this can be accomplished. Today, one of the best methods for monitoring activities on a Mac computer is to install some sort of Mac monitoring or spy software program onto it to get to the bottom of things

For many, a Mac computer that is not monitored can lead to various other issues. Users of a Mac computer can be distracted in different ways while using the computer or surfing online. Even the best behaved kids and the most reliable employees can be found playing around and wasting time when they know they are not being monitored.

Kids using an unmonitored Mac can visit websites with questionable content that they wouldn’t normally visit on a regular basis or when parents are around. Employees can use the computer to chat with friends, check personal email, or visit social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook when they are supposed to be working. Even worse, dishonest employees on an unmonitored Mac computer can use it to download and/or steal confidential company information when they are not properly supervised.


Mac monitoring software assists parents and employers by allowing them to view all the activities their kids and employees are participating in, giving them great insight into exactly how their computer is being used in their absence. There are different types of Mac monitoring software depending on how users wish to monitor such as Local or Remote Mac monitoring software.


Local monitoring software such as AceSpy Mac is to be installed directly onto the Mac computer to be monitored. After it is installed, it covertly runs in the background silently recording all activities of the Mac. When parents or employers wish to view the monitored information, they will need to login to the software interface directly on the monitored computer. Inside this interface, users are even able to configure the monitoring software to forward all recorded information to their email account.

Remote monitoring software such as SniperSpy Mac must also be installed directly onto the monitored Mac. Once it is installed, this software begins recording activities of the child or employee, and then uploads that information to a secure online account, this information is displayed in organized log form for easy monitoring. Parents and employers can sign into their online account from any computer (Windows or Mac), tablet, smartphone or other device with internet access. Remote monitoring software even offers a LIVE monitoring feature for parents and employers to watch activities of their computer in real time.


Below is a quick summary of some of the monitoring features available with local and remote Mac monitoring software.

Local Monitoring Features
· Screenshots                                         · Chat/IM conversations
· Websites Visited                                 · Keystrokes Typed
· Pasteboard Activity                            · Apps Executed/Duration

Remote Monitoring Features
· Screenshots                                        · Websites Visited
· Keystrokes Typed                               · Chat/IM Conversations
· View LIVE Screen                               · View LIVE Keystrokes
· Browse System Files                         · Remote Logoff/Restart/Shutdown

For more information about these monitoring software and all their features, refer to their respective websites: or

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